Hi, I am trying to find a wine tour in

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09/30/2018 - 10:51

Hi, I am trying to find a wine tour in the Lecce area and wondered if anyone could recomend one. The ones I have seen online tend to just go to 2 vineyards and I want to go to at least 4 and smaller vineyards.Many thanks


Bear in mind that many of the smaller vineyards don't offer tours because they simply don't have the staff or the resources to offer a tourist experience and so don't advertise this online. I would go with whatever is available but then ask on the ground if anyone has contacts for a private tour. Most vineyards don't make money on tours because the footfall isn't big enough and if their output is too small to export then there are no advantages to 'spreading the word' via a loss leader activity.

Thanks for the reply. When we did our first wine tour in Piedmont the company that did the tour also took us to a few smaller vineyards who they knew about or were friends. This was great as we saw both the big companies and the smaller family run vineyards. These smaller vineyards have now become our friends and we go to see them every year. I am trying to find this first contact and thought if anyone lived in or near this area they could help. 

Seems really good advice from gramsci29, perhaps something like this site here might give contact information? We live under 1km fom our local cantina San Lorenzo who we know hve their own B&B, would not be surprised if many have this type of thing and would include a tour. I'm sure most of the really small places would oblige.

Thanks for the site I will check. I know when we sent our initial emails to the vineyards they never replied so we could not get to see them but once we actually met the people they are now happy to answer emails and organise visits. I am presuming that area will be the same as Piedmont.Once again thanks for your help.