Hi. I wonder if anyone can help? I

06/01/2014 - 09:21

Hi. I wonder if anyone can help? I obtained a postepay card recently whilst in Italy. I had not received a text toopen an online account so it was all done as a fresh application in Italy. My problem now despite several attempts to open an online account to hopefully unite postepay card have not been fruitfull. I have also tried to check my Postepay card in an UK ATM but its a six digit pin which isn't accepted. Any ideas ?Cheers   



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Hi Hayley PrinsThank you for your tip. I haven't tried it yet but the sicurezzadoes ring a bell. Two Italian relatives have tried and said best todo it next time I am in Italy. Excuse me for repeating myself.i have a postepay account set up whilst in Italy. It seems the mistake was giving the post office an UKmobile number. Internet access was not set up. I set up an internet access account but not able to use it, ie put monies into it etc. Also the card I was given in Italy has a 6 digit pin this does not seem to work in uk so cannot get paypal security code.Any further help gratefully accepted.

We no longer have a postpay a/c, but the pin for TELEPHONE banking was 6 digit, but the online pin was only 5 and of course different! I seem to recall getting two separate letters with the pin numbers and hought they were the same until I looked closer as they were different numbers. This was however a few years back...