Hi My husband and I are planning

06/09/2017 - 10:56

Hi My husband and I are planning to retire in Trapani, in Sicily from NYC, once we formally retire in September and start collecting dual SS benefits. We will be going to Trapani next week and will be looking at apartments with the goal of getting a one year rental lease starting in the winter which will be part of our long term visa reqirements. If you know of or you yourself have a one or two bedroom furnished apartment , in the Centro Citta,preferably  near the sea side, 60 square meters or larger, elevevator if over first floor, terrace, aircon,  heat, pet friendly, cable and internet connections. Please get in touch by email hollyssg@gmail .com.Only real offers. please We have an attorney who represents us in Trapani who will be fielding all .We'd also consider buying and I have been reading about the "rent to buy" system that makes it easier for foreigners to purchase apartments in Italy.I'd like to hear from anyone who's explored this option,  done this or didn't not and why. Also still looking for any English speaking community in NW Sicily.Thanks , Holly McClean  



We just a rental for a year but read about rent to buy and wanted some feedback since its difficult for non EU CITIZENS to get mortgages in Italy and we want to live in Trapani for a while beford we buy if ever.

From what I understand from other posts elsewhere by Modicasa, it is not always easy to rent in Sicily and you are by far better off trying to do so when there locally. If you have not already done so, have a look here at casa.it to get an idea of what is available and at what price.A guy on another forum went AirBnB and then found a place to rent which seemed to work very quickly, but he was there to stay for good.