I am invetigating the purchase of a top

09/25/2016 - 07:56

I am invetigating the purchase of a top floor village apartment in Liguria. It is loacted in a stone walled building in a hstoric centre. There are two other apartments in the block. My initial impression is that the apartment is sound but in need of a refresh windows etc. But before I offer a proposal I wish to know if anyone has brought a simular property. In particular i would like to establish whether ther are any known issues with the overall structure ie roof foundation. I am quite optimistic but ould appreciate insight from anyone who has done similar. I have been looking for a while and an this roof top apartment has everything I am looking for.Hopefully someone can help me.Thanking you in advance Richard.



Hi Richard,Just check its not a 'listed property' as this will restrict any works you can do etc.If there is a communal staircase of which all 3 apartments share, then the neighbours should know any information regarding the property as they will have a 'common interest'.Maybe speak with them and ask them if there have ever been any issues, leaks, cracking etc, etcBest to get a local professional to have a quick look ('un occhiata'). Maybe even a builder thats working nearby.