I am renovating my house in the Borgo

08/05/2019 - 22:46

I am renovating my house in the Borgo of Piana Crixia. I would like a quote from a plumber in the area- even from Cairo Montenotte which is nearby. I don’t speak Italian. Please help? 



venite a vivere in italia ? BENE , siamo tutti felici smiley, ma almeno l'italiano di sopravvivenza dovete impararlo,..otherwise you risk what happened to me, when in the early 80s, in London, in Piccadilly Circus, I asked for a cold tea .... they brought me a VERY BEAUTIFULL glass of water, with 3 beautiful ice cubes in float in ... and in a nice saucer of white porcelain, with a tea lipton filter bag angel

certainly, they will put a professional writer in the right pocket of their pants, and they will take it with them from morning to wake up when they go to sleep, and if during the night the neighbor calls them because they snore too loud, they will bring in the professional writer for reply -Try to post less absurd suggestions when you advertise your services.sad

There should be a "like" buttonsmiley Ugo, but you are a little to blame Ugo. Google translate (as bad as it is) is a lot better these days. But you need to keep it simple and have to try to check it... Our ferramenta was very good at it and it give them all (3 brothers) a very good laugh at times!

Steve, certainly your hardware store, but also many Italian shopkeepers of this new century, are much less demanding than the London tobacconists of the 1980s.I remember, with a certain smile (like the novel by Francoise Sagan) when I asked, in Italian, for a packet of Malbòro, the reprehensible look that was addressed to me and I also remember that until I asked for Màlboro .. I didn't smoke. angelIt is for this reason that, always with a certain smile, I would like your countrymen, who chose my homeland, as a holiday resort, or even as their second home, to engage, in the knowledge of Italian, rather that insist on wanting to use English .. a language that, for us Italians, has the strange prerogative of being different in one way and pronouncing in another ..