An Italian Wedding

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08/09/2009 - 14:51

Hello allDoes anyone have enough knowledge of Italian to help me with some words for our wedding menu for our Italian themed wedding. Sadly we didn't manage to have the wedding in Italy so we are doing the next best thing and having an Italian theme. The menu is a mix of things, but we want it translated into Italian. Any help much appreciated.We are having:Parma Ham and Melon with Peppered Strawberry CompoteSunblushed Tomato and Onion Tart with Goats CheeseSalmon with lemon and herb sauceRoasted mediterranean vegetable parcelLemon TorteWe are going to Sicily for our honeymoon - much looking forward to it!Andrew and Sarah


 Hi Andrew - quite a challenge you've given us. I've e-mail a couple of  foodie Italian friends and I am waiting to see what they come back with.Part of the challenge is to have  realistic translation rather than a word-for-word one. Italian menus are not always as descriptive as English ones - using traditional names or invented names with just a couple ingredients as hints of what is in there!. 

here we go:Prosciutto crudo e melone con composta di fragole al pepeCrostata (o tortino) di pomodori secchi e cipolla con formaggio di capraSalmone alle erbe e limone Fagottino di verdure mediterranee grigliate Torta al limone

Thanks again for your helpWe also have a children's part to the menuThis is chicken goujons and then ice cream. How can we make that sound good in Italian!Then there are coffee and mints - again can it be made to sound good?Thanks for your help!