Pet Insurance

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10/15/2009 - 06:51

Buongiorno a tutti!My partner and I are moving to Italy in January and are looking at pet insurance for our 14 year old cat. Is it standard practice to have cats insured in Italy? Would i be able to get her insured considering her age?I'd also be grateful for any advice/experience with vets bills in Northern Italy to gauge whether it's worth insuring her or not, if indeed it will be available to us.ThanksSarah


We gave up all our pet insurance when we moved here to Marche nearly 4 yrs ago, and vets bills when compared with the UK are much less, we have 4 cats, one of whom will be 20 next year (Italy obviously suits her), but I believe there are regulations with regard to dog ownership and new legistation is coming in, I am sure one of the dog owning community can advise on that .What I would advise is you research for a good vet in your area, before you have cause to use them, there is nothing worse than having an emergency and not knowing whom to phone or where to go. Hopefully again someone on here may be able to advise.A

I was wondering about this too.  We're moving to Italy with our 15-year-old cat next Spring.  I'm worried about whether he will adjust easily, but I'm encouraged by your experience, Angie. I hope our cat takes to Italy as well as yours has!  We will organise a vet right away, as he is on a long-term prescription diet.Lisa 

 We didn't give up our insurance, but wished we had of done because our vet wouldn't fill out the forms! We brought our 2 dogs over last year and all I can say is like Angie, find yourself a vet you are happy with before you need them.  We didn't and that was a big and costly mistake.  Ask around in your area and see who others recommend, no doubt there will be differences of opinion but some choice is better than no choice.Good luck Ed

  Interesting Jane, when we came over our vet said no calming drugs, the animal can become too sedated and then may vomit, with devastating results, especially if travelling by air in the hold. Our 3 cats just went into stupor mode, and were fine but subdued. Other friends have had the cats sitting on their knees as thay drove down, too scary, it depends on the animal, but I would be concerned re sedation. A

  hi angie i do agree as i wasnt sure if i wanted to give him anything but knowing that he gets really stressed this helped him. it doesnt sedate as i know the vet didnt want thhappen - as you said it can be dangerous but this was very good and he took it a couple of days before we left then during our 2 day car journey twice. guess not everything works for everyone! 

 We drive down to Italy (Umbria)  from Belgium twice a year with our now seven year-old Border Collie. The journey takes two days and we stop every 2 to 3 hours to give him a quick breath of fresh air, a run and time to do what he wants/needs to do. (A bit like travelling with children!). He has always travelled well and we never even thought he might need sedating! Thank God he didn't, otherwise our first journey down 5 years ago would have been a nightmare.