"Piano Casa 2009" in Le Marche

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06/21/2009 - 14:03

 As we're in the process of negotiating on 2 ruined farmhouses in Le Marche, the new Piano Casa 2009 rules pertaining to possible expansion of the property volume are extremely interesting. Everyone we have asked in Italy gives us a different answer, ranging from "it's only a legend" to "yes, you can add 20%". From reading past posts on the old forum, there seems to be a wide variation and from what I can see online, each region is interpreting the rules differently and drawing up their own guidelines in their own timescale ...Does anyone here know if Le Marche has drafted any proposals yet? If so, are they available online anywhere? (Italian is OK). If not, does anyone know what the possible timescale is? My problem is that we might be drawing up plans in the next few months but we would need to know how big we can go since we will be starting with a ruin that needs rebuilding from scratch.Thanks!Brancusi 



I read in the Corriere Adriatico last week that only Marche and Toscana had actually ratified the plan. You might be able to find the article on their website. Try these: http://www.corriereadriatico.it/articolo.aspx?varget=861195 http://www.corriereadriatico.it/articolo.aspx?varget=857177 The general gist seems to be that unles the house is in a National Park or a centro storico or the area is subject to landslides (a lot of this area is) then you can extend by 20% unless you are knocking down and rebuilding with "eco" materials, in which case you can extend by 35%. However, it does say each comune can choose to not implement this rule if they have a good enough reason. If it were me, I would speak to the comune technico as at the end of the day it will be his decision how the rules are interpreted.