Price of Gas

06/06/2010 - 03:45

We have the opportunity to connect to a communal gas bombola serving about 5-6 houses.  The contract with goldengas prices the gas at 2.73E + IVA per cubic metre. I have only been able to find prices quoted on here for per/litre.  Does anyone here know how to convert cubic metres into litres, or whether 2.73 E/mc is reasonable?   Many thanks.



I'm quoting direct from the Goldengas contract which says: "Prezzo:   Il prezzo dei gas GPL e di Euro/mc 2.73 [figure handwritten] +IVA da pagarsi nelle seguenti modalita."   I am assuming that I am right in thinking "mc"  means metri cubic?   If the rate of 1mc = 1000 litres it does seem way too cheap!  What to do?

I think there could be some confusion , perhaps the cubic metre price refers to the gaseous state and the litre price the liquid state. That would explain why there is such a large difference between the two prices. (For comparison purpose the price per Kwh would be better.)

Thanks bunterboy .... that makes sense..... as the gas is for cooking and possibly in the future heating water the difference between 74c p/litre and say 69c won;t amount to much in our case. Given the sums are based on the temp being 15 degrees C,  do I get more "bangs for my bucks" so to speak if the weather is warmer or colder when they deliver I wonder?  

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The gas will be in the liquid state when they fill up the tank, presumably each user will have their own gas meter on the feed to their kitchen or whatever.You will pay for the gas used  as shown on your meter. As the liquid vaporises in the big tank it will take heat from the surroundings so I suspect the ambient temperature will have little effect on the quantity of gas you get for your money- but I'm no expert!!

Bunterboy sounds spot on with his calcs.  I've just had a top up today - Vulcangas - Eur 0.72 plus IVA Thank goodness we only do this every two years... the price appears to be going up rather fast. I have to say that if I was going to do this all over again I'd put in my own modest 500 litre tank and then be able to get quotes for a fill up.  I get really annoyed every time I have a fill up because I know that GPL for a car top up is miles less.... I wonder if I could have a tank in the boot of the car and take it to the garage for a top up... that would make me feel pleased everytime instead of angry. The other dodge, someone in the trade told me, is that they like to get the pump running as soon as they arrive so that the gas is aerated after going down ones bumpy drive.