Transport from Marco Polo Airport

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06/03/2009 - 08:58

Hello!We are visiting Venice for the first time this weekend (honeymoon!) and would appreciate any advice. We will be arriving at Marco Polo Airport at 8.30pm on Saturday and are staying close to the railway station in Mogliano Veneto. Any suggestions as to the best (and cheapest!) way of getting there? Possibly through Mestre? Other than the usual tourist spots where should we be visiting given that we will only be staying till the Wednesday?Many thanks!Phil  



By ferry, to see Venice from the lagoon for the first time is magic, try google for ferry numbers or I am sure someone can provide links, enjoy your honeymoon, try to wander away from the tourist hotspots, everywhere is walkable, and its fun to get lost in all the twisting alleyways. We spent a week there a few years ago, go and see the lions at the Arsenale, buy a street map and explore.A

There's a direct train from Venice to Mogliano. Takes about 35 mins. Depending where you're staying in Mogliano you may well need a taxi from the station.To find an economical place to eat in Venice follow the gondoliers when they knock off at lunchtime. Be cautious however near the various bridges for pickpockets, and remember that they are not always the scruffy ones!If you get chance also to visit Treviso (another direct train from Mogliano) you will find a delightful city that is almost a miniature Venice complete with canals etc. Thankfully little known by tourists in general.Best wishesAndrew