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06/05/2009 - 08:28

 Hi everyone, this is a warm invitation to joint this group and discuss Italian food, wine, regional cooking, recipes, tips, cooking utensils, history of cooking and any related subject you may wish to talk about.And welcome, Mimosa, glad to see that you have already joined in the fun.Happy cooking!


 Hi again! It is great to see that the group is growing. A very warm welcome to all those who have joined in. And the group is open to anyone interested in good food, good wine, good Italian products and those who have those wonderful cooking tips and techniques and who would like to share them with us. There is always something new to learn.So what about sharing your experiences (and disasters) in the kitchen. Don't be shy  Also, please start any topic that particularly interests you and we can discuss it.

 This group is growing fast. We are 15 already! Welcome to the new members. If you have a minute, try to add a couple of words to our Wiki "Italian Culinary Terminology". You will get an idea of what we are doing simply by looking at it. A is for..... B is for..... and so on. We add the definite article in front of any nouns to help to remember gender. This was Kevan Cummins idea and it is an excellent learning help.If you want to add or correct anything, you simply press "Edit" and you do whatever you want with the list. Just follow the format. If you have any doubts, ask me; however, I must warn you that this is "virgin territory" for me as well.Besides the alphabetical order glossary, I intend to have smaller lists for meat cuts, types of pasta, anything within the topic which would require a special list. this may take years......