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Tue, 08/28/2012 - 09:21

I have twice attended Lucca Italian School and can't recommend it highly enough. The teachers are absolutely brilliant, classes are normally from 09:00 to 13:00 and in the afternoons and evenings the school organises a number of cultural events each week, including visits to places of interest nearby and cooking lessons. They can also help with accommodation - I stayed with a local family, which was great for practising your language skills. The school is privately-owned by three of the teachers, which makes all the difference. They take a real interest in you and go out of their way to make sure you're happy. You'll meet like-minded people and I made some wonderful new friends. Lucca itself is a beautiful town to stay in, full of Renaissance architecture. There is always a concert going on and lots of restaurants and shops. The centre is mostly pedestrianised and easy to get around without the need to use public transport. The town walls are perfect for jogging or just for taking a stroll or a bike ride. Lucca has good connections to Florence, Pisa, the Cinque Terre and the Garfagnana if you're there on a weekend and want to explore further. The school's website is and be sure to read the TripAdvisor reviews as well. The last time I looked they had 15 reviews and everyone was a 5-star review.  You'll also find them on Facebook and twitter - just click the links on their website.

Answer to: CiaoLunigiana
Tue, 07/17/2012 - 12:00

Hi I have done extensive checks with my hosting service as well as with the provider of my website theme, as a couple of other people have had the same problem.  Neither the hosting service nor my theme are responsible for the problem. It seems to be an Internet Explorer issue, as no other browser, including mobile ones, has a problem opening my site. You only have to do a quick search the internet to see that many people have encountered this problem with a variety of sites - they can open some websites, but not others, even although they previously had no problems. I have worked with a couple of people to try and solve the problem, but like others on the internet, nothing seems to work. Here are a couple of things you could try:

  • clear your cache & cookies & reboot your computer
  • reset Internet Explorer - you can find out how to do so on the Microsoft site

Alternatively, switch to Chrome. It is much better browser and you'll avoid all the problems associated with Internet Explorer. You can download it for free at I'm really sorry you haven't been able to load my site - please do switch to Chrome and keep visitng Ciao Lunigiana. Many thanks

Mon, 06/25/2012 - 04:41

We recently had a car from Advantage that was so dodgy that we decided to get it swapped over before it broke down. Fortunately, we were near Pisa so it wasn't a problem. However, the second car they gave us was just as bad and did break down as we were returning to Pisa to get our flight home. A tow truck arrived quite promptly, but we were abandoned - Advantage just told us to make our own way to the airport. We asked them to send a taxi, and they refused. We asked them for the telephone number of a taxi company and they said they couldn't help. We asked them if the tow truck could take us to the airport, they said no. They had absolutely no interest in the fact that we might miss our flight Fortunately the breakdown occured at a service station on the motorway - heaven alone knows what would have happened if we were at the side of the road, particularly as it was pouring with rain! The folk at the service station weren't exactly the most helpful even though we spoke to them in Italian, but after trying a number of different taxi companies, one turned up about an hour & 20 mins after we had broken down.It did involve a €120 taxi ride at 170km an hour in the pouring rain, but fortunately, we had allowed plenty of time and we only just made our flight, which fortunately for us was slightly delayed.  My husband was due to fly to Portugal first thing the next morning, so the knock-on affect of missing our flight would have been awful and the whole situation was terribly stressful. Advantage has refunded the taxi fare, but we won't use them again. It is just not worth the stress. By the way, both the cars we had were so dented and scratched that if we had scratched them, it would have been impossible to notice.   We asked the aggregator how to avoid getting an Advantage car if you booked online. We were told to get a price online and then phone them to book, and they would make sure it wasn't Advantage.