Kappa Language School


Our mission
We dream of a world without borders or barriers, where knowledge is free to pass from one person to another, country to country, where people have the freedom to move and discover the beauty of the world. We believe that diversity is the purest and most wonderful display of life and that by embracing this we are able to share our own cultural values. The best way to get to get to know another culture is by learning a language, which is the natural vehicle of cultural knowledge and identity. Teaching a language is an act of love: to us, teaching Italian, means discovering this Great hidden Beauty. Every day we find this beauty in every single word our students learn.

Our approach
✓ Dynamic, qualified and open minded Italian teachers
✓ Flexible schedules to fit each student's needs
✓ A warm, caring, student-centered environment
✓ We use the CLT approach (Communicative Language Teaching) to learn by doing in order to acquire communicative competencies and explore Italian culture
Our offer
✓ Italian language courses for all profiles and levels
✓ Small, tailor made group lessons
✓ Officially recognized Italian language proficiency exams (PLIDA, CELI)
✓ Cultural activities to explore Italian lifestyle
✓ Social events to practice Italian and mingle with our international student body

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