once again, with feeling....:)

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09/24/2009 - 09:48

I'll get used to this is a minute:)  As I was - trying! - to say I was with this site last year for a short while but due to a combination of things (ill health, then new work) I let it slip.  I live in a smallish town with my Italian husband - no kids - and work from home as a virtual transcriptionist and proof reader.  it's great but I miss the 'real' world at times, and sharing a cuppa or a glass of vino and having a good 'goss'. I'm half English, half South African. So I'm now looking forward to catching up on everything I missed on this site and hopefully meeting new folk.



Hi,very happy your re-joined the Itaymag community,and hope you'll find here new friends and people to build a virtual or even real community!That shouldn't be that difficult, giving that you live in Tuscany and it seems that many English speaking people started a new life in the same region!Best wishes, buona fortunaValentina

Hello Valentina and Gromit,thank you for your good wishes, Valentia, I, too, hope to make friends - virtual or otherwise! I am looking forward to coming to the local monthly get together lunch sometime.We live between Licciana Nardi and Aulla, Gromit. We rent an apartment here but are thinking of possibly buying next year. My husband works in La Spezia (navy) so we need to stay fairly close. There are lots of lovely little villages around and it's nice to take a drive and explore them!As we've been around here for a time now and also because my husband is Italian, perhaps we'll be able to help out with language/local queries or things like that. Well actuallly I think I'll leave the language stuff to him, I'm still a novice! Sandra  

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Aha! That's what I heard when I first heard the term. It's being someone's assistant or secretary or whatever - who may be many countries away - without ever meeting them.  eg. files are downloaded to me from the U.S:, U.K., Australia - normally lectures or podcasts that people want typed and formatted or edited and proofread, and sent back.  I find it quite 'twilight zone' at times - I may be typing about a new marketing strategy being used in Tasmania, and meanwhile I can hear the local donkey braying in the background :)  Do donkeys bray? Well, I'm sure you get the point!