Introduction - Ciao Tutti From South Lazio

09/30/2009 - 13:05

Ciao everyone,  Just to say Hi !!!  I have always felt that Bella Italia is "in my blood". We have been living in Italy for more than 4 years now.   The place we chose to call our new home is the small town of Itri - a sweet little town nestling in the foothills of the Aurunci Mountains. This region of South Lazio is so rich in natural beauty.  I love taking photos and I am currently creating an English website about this area:  http://southlazio.shapcott-family.comMy maternal grandparents originated from the beautiful mountain community of Atina, Frosinone in the Val di Comino  overlooking the River Melfa and the Meta and Mainarde mountains, and the Abruzzi.  My grandfather was enticed by the prospect of emigration to a new land of opportunity.  Thus in the Summer of 1911 my Italian grandparents first set foot on English soil, and made their way to the city of London, to the district of Clerkenwell, the Italian quarter know as “Little Italy” or “The Hill”. They rented a dilapidated Victorian house at the end of Little Saffron Hill, close to St Peter’s Italian Church, which was to be their home for many years to come. Here my mother was born and she was brought up in the Italian community. I was born nearby in the heart of London, within the sound of Bow Bells, so I suppose I could be considered to be an “Italian Cockney”. I had a true passion for Italy and all things Italian, and felt a real need to see for myself the land of my forefathers, visit Atina and walk in the footsteps of my grandparents. 15 years ago my husband and I spent a memorable fortnight staying with some of my Italian cousins, in Atina. It was our first meeting but we were so warmly welcomed and received into the family fold and Atina transpired to be even more charming than I could ever have imagined.  Thus began our irresistible love affair with “La Bella Italia”, which finally inspired us to risk everything, sell up lock, stock and barrel in the UK and entirely transform our lifestyle.  We love to make new friends ad would like to be in contact with others who have made the same move or who are contemplating doing so, and hopefully share some of the knowledge and experience we have gained ourselves along the way.   Also we'd love to hear from anyone who lives in the South Lazio, Val di Comino, Abruzzo area or who have family connections there. Anyway - Ciao for now Tutti !!!   


Welcome  and lovely to hear from someone who lives in an area we would like to know better - your webpage looked really great and if we can contribute in any way, do let me know. We are fauther North, in Provinicia di Roma, Genzano i.e. the Colli Albani and unfortunately we have to keep popping back to the UK to earn a crust. We are though quite familiar with Aprilia, Latina, Anzio, Nettuno  Sabaudia and Ponza (though before it became so famous) we always recommend friends go down to Circeo or further (I love Terracina) to appreciate the beaches.

Do try to venture a little further south, towards Sperlonga / Gaeta, and not forgetting Bella Itri, even further south, to Formia, Maranola, Minturno etc.This area is still largely a hidden gem to foreign visitors, but has so much to offer: natural beauty, beautiful beaches and coastline, historic towns and villages, unspoiled mountains and nature reserves, places of special historical interest throughout the ages, so much to discover. This I am trying to capture in my new website: I am also passionate about CASSINO, ATINA AND THE VAL DI COMINO in Frosinone.  My ancestors came from this wonderful area:http://atina.shapcott-family.comIt would be great to keep in touch and perhaps try to meet up at some time.Perhaps youn could help us learn about more of your area too.Anyway, Ciao for now,Louie and Paul  

Welcome to S Lazio, we live near Palestrina for 6 months per year and I am always a bit mystified as to why non-Italians are so thin on the ground. Suggested places to visit might be Fiuggi with its pretty lake nearby, Subiaco with Santo Speco monastery, Certosa, Olevano,  and lots of others including of course Rome possibly less than an hour away, not forgetting the proximity of Ciampino airport as an advantage for the budget traveller! Personally I consider the countryside of the Ciociaria to be superior to Tuscany - certainly much greener. And finally I find the locals very welcoming with sensible prices in the many family-run restaurants.

Hi there, no time to talk as I have to dash but I live part of the year (not enough of it though) in Picinisco which is next to Atina.  I adore Atina, on market day it is like stepping back in time, but the whole of the Val di Comino is fabulous which is why we bought a house there.  We have no Italian background, just adore the area. Ron, my husband, is out there now, but we have a business in the UK and it is hard for us both, right now, to get away together.Must dash. Be back later. Maralyn