Viterbo, Romes third airport

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10/07/2009 - 21:51

Hi EveroneWe own a property north of Viterbo in the town of Montefiascone.  We bought the house before the Viterbo airport expansion was announced back in 2007.  My question is does anyone know if this project will ever be completed as the inital announcement said that the airport would open in 2010 to the low cost carriers.  To us this would be a god sent as we are ony 15 minutes drive from this airportSeems to open the airport that road & rail link to Rome needs completing ,  In August of this year there was no evidence of this work having been started.A search on Google reveals nothing new, so does any one know if the airport will ever open. Regards: Terence & Patricia



when we bought our villa 12 years ago, there were plans to bypass the local towns so our journey from Ciampino would be cut from 30 minutes to 15 and at peak hours from 60 to 15 minutes. 12 years on work has started, stopped, started, stopped and it is now half built and not yet in use. Biggest reason for delay is that everytime they dig, the beni e ambiente people find some archeological treasure (what a surprise) and it all has to be excavated properly. I would have it no other way but don't hold your breath for an operating airport at Viterbo for at least 10 years or more.

 Hi TerenceI am a near neighbour at Capodimonte.  It is all very confusing - there seem to be millions of Euros promised from the region/government and the EU for infrastructure improvements relating to the proposed airport enlargement but I have not seen any work going on either.  In the news it mentions upgrading the rail line so that it only takes 70 minutes to Rome, that the trains will run very frequently and that 10 new trains have been bought.  Also mentioned is improvement of the road links.  However the date mentioned is 2013.  I would think it very unlikely that Ciampino will close in 2010 as originally announced.  It all seems a bit of a mystery.  Perhaps someone else can contribute some definite info.

Hi Getsett Viterbo, Plane's, Trains and Builders Crane's, not a signConsidering the upgrade needed to both airport terminal, runway and road and rail links then the last  two years have not generated any construction, none that can be seen from the adjacent road anyway.So my guess is that its going to be 3 to 5 years before we see the Easyjet and Ryanair at our door step.  The Italian press are also very quite on the subject.Wait and see I guessTerence

We've owned our house, not far from Ciampino, for 8 years. For 8 years they've been building a by pass round Albano, Ariccia and Genzano. Some of it is finished. Some of it not started. 3- 5 years is a bit optimistic for a motorway link. Locally (South of Rome) rumour is that Viterbo isn't going to happen and Ciampino isn't going to close - could be local wishful thinking but these things take a lot of time, a lot of time

Viterbos's runway is 1,300m. A Boeing 737-300 - 400 (ie the standard industry workhorse) requires 1,750m. As far as I know there are no immediate plans to extend. Communication links are being based around STOL airliners (Short take off and landing) so passenger numbers are likely to be limited. Both Ryanair and EasyJet do not operate STOL airliners  (ATR 42, 78, Dash8 etc .) and are unlikely to do so.

I am sorry that Viterbo does not seem to be going anywhere soon, the third airport always seemed a Roman argument around Ciampino, but who knows. Perugia extended its runway to 2,200m a few years ago to take Ryanair's 737-800's and is now building a new terminal building a la Ancona. The Umbrian regional government presumably knows something we don't but may have its own agenda anyway. Its a smashing little airport if you can tolerate Stansted which I loath almost as much as Terminal 5. Not much use to the folks oop north though. Having driven past Charleroi on the way back a few months ago and given Mr o'L's difficulty with geography, Rome - Perugia