One often asks what do you do all day with

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11/14/2009 - 05:33

One often asks what do you do all day with no work. Well apart from looking after kids and cleaning the house here in Italy.

Well when I can I love to paint and work with soft pastles. It is so beautiful in Le Marche what else can you do?

Finally this year i wrote and published my first book for children. Its only short but I got the chance to illustrate it which was very exciting.

SO if you are limited for things to do in the Italian countryside, get creative !! ................just never know what you can do until you try!

I had a good time anyway. Below is a review of my story, love to hear from you.

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Misty Valley

by Amanda E Brake

No moon shone on this particular evening, it was the darkest night

Not a soul in the village stirred without fright

The crying and howling came across the land,

Once it was dark and misty.

But warm and snug tucked in his bed was a little boy called Christy

The morning arrived with golden rays across the sky

The cockerel crowed as the sun rose high.

A welcome end of a sleepless night

A jump out of bed with relief and delight.

There was worry of the harvest not being done

Collecting fruit nuts and berries was always such fun.

Going to the woods was too much for some

With the howling and crying all night,

 It just couldn’t be done!!!


But Christy was brave and thought he could

No!! Off to school said mum and put on his hood.

With a skip and a run he went on his way.

Not always fun at school with no one to play.

The kids laughed because he was so small

He didn’t like it, no not at all.

“I’ll show them,” he said

As he went on ahead.

To the woods without a care

A job to be done that no one else would dare.


In the canopy of trees

He felt at ease

 Abundant load he had collected

This harvesting he just perfected

His hood was full to the brim

But then he felt some one watching him

Creepy and scared

He crept quietly as he dared

But who was this in the shadow?

If you would like to know more please see my website  to get your copy If you like it we love to hear from you,  on my review page. Cheers!!



Well done Amanda, I am so happy for you that you have found such joy in enjoying your surroundings and able to put your heartfelt thoughts onto canvas and into words.  As someone whose life is art I so love hearing other people doing something creative which gives them such pleasure.Have you any photos of your work? I would love to see some.Maralyn

I can see I am the right place to meet new friends who share my love of the written word.  I found your piece quite charming Amanda, you certainly understand the need to engage the reader.  Next stop Amazon for me.  I will have a good look at your website later.