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11/15/2009 - 08:57

 We have just found out that a Waste Incinerator is to be built in our area. We have just been given a copy of the petition going round our village and outlying areas(only received it 2 days ago) this petition must be in by tomorrow...We are not just protesting against it being in our area, but in any area. It is not a case of NIMBYism. The fumes from these Incinerators are carried over many,many miles affecting everyone, the soil, the water we drink, the food we eat, the rivers, animals etc. It produces an ash after the burn that is full of heavy metals, which they have no idea how to dispose of safely & generally goes into land fill. If you would like to know more, read more about this subject, just put in Waste Incinerators & Google..... P.M me for a copy of the petition if you are interestedSprat



 that's where the new plant is supposed to be built...  in the province of Teramo Abruzzo...  Teramo has a massive waste disposal problem... a couple of land fill sites have been closed and most of its rubbish is taken off to Chieti or Pescara...obviously  neither of these two provinces very happy with extra input because it means they will have to arrive at solutions beyond landfill too earlier than planned...also Teramo is finding the costs of disposal in other provinces too high... not sure where the heavy metal bit comes in... these places are supposed to burn sorted waste...  they are also supposed to burn clean...ie no pollutants exiting...have  sympathy with the thoughts of a supposed cleaner more ecological alternative to land fill being set up in Italy when you realise that these systems in at lest Campania and Naples were are the cause of the rubbish problem there ...so called co bales are now stockpiled throughout  the fringes of naples because they developed a new solution to waste sorting ... the waste entered the separation plants... got separated  so that they could claim the grant and then got mixed together again to form the eco bale... which then provided another grant obviously higher because there were more being produced...Bisenti will i guess have to be a bit careful about where the waste comes from if it does go ahead... but if run properly there is no more pollutant say than an old diesel engine spewing its fumes ... and there are plenty of those...i guess my thoughts are if they want it let them have it...  presume there is some sort of mayor and elected officials that voted it all in...  for the benefit of their community.. trying to get to Bisenti  any time is a nightmare of broken roads and landslides...so maybe it will improve the info structure...maybe Teramo city will actually finish the superstrada so that waste can get there easier...have heard they are in competition with Silvi over the location and that comune has a lot more sway.. so they will most probably get it anyway..would have thought that with the flood plain in Bisenti they would have had serious planning problems siteing it in any case   

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Considering that we wanted to flag this one up as being of general rather than a specific local problem we decided to not reveal the location, although would have PM'd Penny & let her know. We do not want to be accused of being NIMBY's. Sure, the closer one of these things is to me the less I like it, but really, even at some distance, 20km or so there is still a risk. No, my point is that it matters little where they & more that THEY ARE. There is all sorts of complete twaddle spoken about Incinerators; how they are a clean alternative what with the new Clean-Burn technology etc. There is no such thing as clean -burn.The one proposed for Bisenti is to be fueled by old tyres, chopped up on site, & the waste to be burned is unsorted general waste. The emmissions from the tyres would be bad enough but unsorted waste?????????? In our area, & I guess, all of Teramo province & poss even Abruzzo there is no sorting or segregation of waste. Everything but glass goes in the same roadside bins: food waste, cardboard packaging, plastic bottles & wrapping, polystyrene, aluminium foil, old electrical goods with printed circuits & batteries. You name it. If it's small enough to go in the big wheely-bin, it does.The heavy metals bit comes in here. Unsorted rubbish has significant levels of heavy metals. Supposed is a deceptive word. Some Waste Incinerators are "supposed" to burn sorted (ie. safe/innocuous) rubbish. Get real kiddo....... this is Italy. Politicians & local authority councillors are "supposed" to be working unstintingly for the good of the people they represent & not take bribes. Waste Incinerators are "supposed" to burn clean & produce nor leave any pollutants. If you believe that you are simple. A used plastic bottle, if no-one wants to send it of to be recycled into Patagonia Fleece Jackets etc, in itself is a useless yet fairly stable piece of plastic that if left alone will do no-one much harm. Try to destroy it by burning it & you relase highly toxic airborn Dioxins of which just one molecule is sufficient to induce a cancer, a birth defect or an infant death. Aluminium, still suspected of having associations with Alzhimers Disease burns at a very low temperature & it's oxides become instantly airborn. The ash residues represent about one tenth of the bulk that is burned & anything not burned, especially heavy metals remains in even higher concentrations. The ash goes into land-fill; thats when it's not finding it's way into the foundations of new primary schools.Being careful about where the waste comes from might be a sinch though. There is a well known family run company in Sicily, whose name I forget, that is well known for it's prowess in this field. I believe there is a similar one in the Naples area.If they want it........................ for the benefit of their comunity...............yes they do want it. The new Sindaco & his two buddies that signed the document releasing this piece of comune owned land on a small industrial estate do want it. They want it so bad they ignored the fact that it should have been presented to the full council, discussed & voted on. The rest of the council are a bunch of spoilsports who notified the local populace who turned out in force at a specially convened meeting & got mad enough to want to necklace the Sindaco & his pals. The council, minus the "gang of three", gave back-word to the project & then issued a denuncia declaring that if there were any legal repercussions & the applicant, S.A.I.D. at Scerne di Pineto,decided to sue, then it would be the gang of three they sued.The roads ARE bad round our way but the worse of them are between us & Teramo. The road to Pescara is undergoing significant improvement & large parts of it are already very smooth, flat, straight & high speed. Although Teramo is closer as the crow flies, Pescara, Montesilvano & Citta Sant Angelo, with their plethora of excellent shopping opportunities, plus the beach & the airport, are now far quicker to access than the delights of Teramo. The whole Fino valley is fast developing new housing, industry, commerce & shops in a way that is entirely non-detrimental the natural beaty & ambience. It is true that the long awaited tunnel under the hills that separate us from Teramo would be a boon, but it could certainly also ease access for rubbish coming from there. If anyone has heard there is competition for one of these idiocyies then they are seriously miss-informed. I know Pineto didn't want one, I've read the official comune report, & Bisenti certainly doesn't want it. The council members that blocked it went to l'Aquila today to hand in petitions from locals, plus letters of support from all surrounding Comune condemning & rejecting the proposal . I havn't read what Silvi's views are but the wise, informed guess would be a firm "no thanks".Although global warming certainly seems to be giving us a wetter climate these days I guess that the last time the flood-plain of the Fino river ever saw significant problems was a few million years ago.Pilch

Been rushed off our feet Annec. These things only ever occur when you are mown out with important stuff to do. What with finding out about this nightmare at a very late stage, excavating, shuttering & casting our own steel re-enforced foundations mainly on our own, helping two lots of friends push their projects on, olive picking & getting ready for a trip back to blighty........... we just don't have the time to do any more than we have. I think it's in good hands though. Italians seem haphazard & incompetent but, when it gets serious they rise to the challenge................ "tocca ferro".  Will be back in January & then we'll see.Pilch