Italian domain names

12/21/2009 - 10:20

Ciao e tutti Has anyone got a good Italian domain name company? I normally use but they do not seem to do .it domains. I need POP access, forwarding & webmail. Cosa consiglia?   Salve



I'd also recommend Aruba, it's self-service, relatively cheap and had never had problems with their service (have 4 websites registered there).  They also offer the "soon to be compulsory" certified email address for professionals and companies for a modest 5 euros/year.

Hi Penny, You should check with your commercialista whether your company needs to have this and before when. The law decree n. 185 del 29/11/2008, converted into law n.2 del 28/01/2009, states that all professionals members of an "albo" (engineers, architects, commercialisti, notai) and private companies should have a PEC (Posta Elettronica Certificata) now and other professionals with P.IVA within a couple of year's time. Basically this is nothing but an extra mailbox-address, where mails going in-out has legal value, just like a "raccomandata" with "ricevuta di ritorno", so that you won't need to queue at the post office (but personally I'm probably sending 1 raccomandata/year, so..). It is also a way of moving people away from using paper in general, which is not such a bad thing AND MAYBE SOME DAY...communicate with the public offices.....yeah. You'll find more info on the web, but there's not much into it - a part from the fact that it is going to be compulsory. Somebody has told me that INPS offers a PEC for FREE to all registered users, so you may have a look at their website first. Ciao