Given that several of us have businesses related to Italy,

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01/02/2010 - 12:46

Given that several of us have businesses related to Italy, does anyone want to put reciprocal links on their websites, ie I put a link on mine to your website and vice versa? Sorry if I'm doing the grandmother sucking eggs thing:D

Probably best to private message me if you're interested

Buon anno



 Hello You haven't said what line of business you are in or what your google page rank is. - How about you post a link to your site for potential interested parties to have a look around. Links to and from sites in unrelated businesses allegedly confuse search engines, so beware. Also there is a theory that links to sites with lower page ranks than yours will deplete your own page rank over time. Just thoughts, and i am not an expert, but have owned several websites over the years.   Kenneth 

  Thanks for this Barbie and Ken. I did not know this and will look into it further. A couple of people have shown interest but as my site is brand new (too new for a Google ranking), I wouldn't want to unwittingly pull someone else's site down. Also was concerned it might be against site regulations to post my website, but here goes:                                                         It's:   Many thanks and best wishes

  Nice idea Pacento08, I wish you well. Looks like a great choice of locations. You may just want the website to be like a "brochure" that people look at when they already know about you. But if you want it to be a major source of new leads and business, then you could do worse than read and implement some of the ideas contained within "Search Engine Optimisation for Dummies" ISBN 0-471-97998-8  In bocca di lupo! PS - I don't know whether it is allowed or possible on this forum, but it will also do no harm (re s.e.o.) to contain a link to your site under your name.             Kenneth