Automatic cars in Le Marche

Jan and Tim Image
01/15/2010 - 09:27


 I'm having problems posting a message it just wont let me add content...... What I was attempting to ask was.... does anyone out there use an automatic car in Le marche and is servicing etc a problem.... we are bringing a car over this year to leave all year, then back to the Uk in Nov or Dec but the one we are thinking of bringing is automatic and know that they arn't used a great deal in Italy. Should we bring it or give it a miss and stick to a car with manual gears ?  Tim and Jan

 are not very popular in italy and indeed in continental europe.there is however an increasing offer of these vehicles especially at the upper end of the market (mercedes etc) apart from any personal opinions about automatic gear shifts even more so if associated with 4x4 vehicles they perfom especially badly on the minor  roads,non asphalt conditions,the frequent very steep gradiants which over time will really stress heavily your gear box and could lead to requiring a new clutch over a couple of years.your driving reactions (ie manual gear change) are superior to those of an automatic gear box! as here in the Marche sitting on nice flat freeways or sitting around in a queue of traffic all great stuff for automatics are a remote dream here.Just to say when i got my new vehicle last september the only conditions sine qua non that i posed to the dealer was that if it was white or automatic i would not take the vehicle...

 Many Thanks, we have come to the same conclusions and have decided to stick with a manual gear car....the trouble was we were offered a really good bargain on an aoutomatic Vauxall Astra... We have never had an automatic other than holidays in the USA and it sounded too good to be true... but think on reflection it was a bargain because the owner realised it was expensive if it went wrong. Jan