Hi All,It's been a v long time since I've

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01/25/2010 - 07:27

Hi All,

It's been a v long time since I've posted on here; in fact we were only at house-hunting stage back then.

We have a house (unhabitable) between Falerone and Sant' Angelo in Pontano with approximately 9 acres of land that needs looking after. We haven't started building the new house yet and therefore only get out there about 4 times a year to do general maintenance of the immediate land around the house.

We have a lot of cherry trees and the land is getting very overgrown so essentially need someone to come in with a tractor, etc and cut all the grass across the 9 acres (as close to the trees as possible). Ideally someone would do this for us twice a year to keep it under control.

Can anyone pass on any local recommendations? We're back over in March, so it would be great to have someone set up when we're there.

Thanks in advance! :)



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Sure - perhaps 'gardener' wasn't quite the right term. Either way, I hope I've described what I'm after so if anyone knows of someone who could undertake this work that would be great. Cheers.