I want to employ someone to look after our house

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02/02/2010 - 04:52

  I am looking for someone to help me with my property in Bagnone. I am hoping to find a cleaner who can also take responsibility for the house. I have so far only managed to find either a great cleaner but with no English who is not Italian and I find their heavy accented Italian too hard to understand. Or an English speaker who does not speak any Italian and who has let me down a few times as they are not experienced in this line of work and do not seem to be adapting to it.  I find people to work in private houses for a living so I am finding it very frustrating that I can not get it right in my own house.  Does anyone know of a cleaner/ house manager who speaks some English and is a native Italian speaker or vise versa who has proven experience of hands on cleaning and of taking responsibility for property with a track record of making smart choices in owners absence. I hope to start to rent the property out but until I get this right I fear it will be too stressful.  If anyone is in this line of work please contact me. I really want a cleaner capable of managing the property, not someone who only wants to do the management part.  I also need someone who has an interest in property/ interiors who will understand that I wish to maintain the high standards we have achieved in our renovation. An example of what has gone wrong recently is I now have a wireless internet dish on the railings of my beautiful terrace despite their being many more discreet places to put it.  Any recommendations would be greatly welcomed. I feel like we may have to sell up if we can not get the right help to rent it out or look after it. Thank you in advance.           



Dear casa Miele, I am an American of Italian descent, fairly fluent in Italian, and willing to help care for your property in exchange for living in Italy for an extended period of time. I have relatives nearby in Viareggio and am self-employed. Is this a rental opportunity for you, which needs to be managed? Please contact me with further details of your expectations. I would be happy to Skype with you! Sincerely, Peggy (Margherita!)

H Have you had any luckWell have you had any luck in finding anyone via the forum? Please do let me know.   Our dream is to move to Italy, but we don't have the means as yet. I was thinking about setting up an agency for domestics as a way of making ends meet if we did take the plunge, so I would like to know how you got on from that angle. Also if anyone else uses domestic help I would be interested to hear how much you pay them, be it direct or through and agency. Thank you. Babs

 Yes it will be intresting to here if you have found anyone. I did e mail you as I know of someone who could have done a first class job, but so far no reply!!! I would have thought having to sell because you cannot find the right person seems rather drastic