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02/06/2010 - 12:44

HI All, Just joined the site and went straight to this group as we're planning on moving to Liguria. So wanted to say hello...... We've been looking for somewhere to buy for a long time and are very hopeful for our next trip over- we fly to Nice on Thursday and have a full day of property/plot visits on Friday.  Does everyone in this group live in Liguria - if so where?  We will be living in Dolceacqua.  


  Howdy Neighbor!  Great little restaurant in your village with fantastic pizza and pasta….can’t remember the name though…  Give me a shout if you make it up to Triora sometime.  We can grab a beer:) By the way... there are some great properties for sale up here..may be worth a look!

Beer sounds great........Love Perroni........Triora is a bit too far inland than we want to live - but we will certainly visit.  How long have you lived there for?  Can't wait to be sitting in the sun with a glass of Perroni/Prosecco on a small part of italy that we can finally call our own!!!

  Good Luck with your search. Keep us posted.:)   We own a small apartment in Pigna, just ‘up the mountain’ from Dolceacqua. We will be in Pigna at the end of the month.  Can’t wait, haven’t been since the summer   @Carl we drove up to Triora last year.  Lovely place, fabulous views  

HI all Just bought our place on the hill overlooking Dolceacqua - we can just see the Doria Castle in front - the alps to our left and the sea to our right - bellisimo!  Currently working with our architect to draw up plans to build - very exciting.  Coming over in just over a week for a 10 day stay, I can taste the perroni already!

Very good luck with all the design and planning.  Lots of lovely tile and bathroom shops in the local area you will be spoilt for choice.  We're here for a couple of months at the moment if you want to share a prosecco.  This is getting to be a very popular place all of a sudden!

Would have loved to have shared a glass of Prosecco when we were out - didn't see your post till today - and now I'm back here in the UK in the wet and cold........plans are almost drawn up - planning permission next and then we can start the build - all becoming very real - soooo excited!