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02/09/2010 - 04:58

I am travelling from the UK soon to my home in Le marche. I have made this journey before via Belgian , France , Luxembourg and Switzerland but by car.   This time i am travelling in a van with some furniture. Do i travel the same route. Or do i go all the way down through France. The toll is another issue .I am looking for the cheapest way but not a 3 day journey . Can anyone help.   Thanks


 I've taken to the Belgium/Lux/Nancy/Gotthard route as I can get all the way without tolls - except the accursed Dartford of course. Remember Mont Blanc tunnel is quite expensive (each way) whilst Gotthard is free once you have your vignette. I came out here 2 weeks ago and very nearly had to turn back just after Luzern as the snow was really bad and the road had not been cleared  for a while. I persevered (in my rear wheel drive car!) and found that Gotthard was OK as it had been cleared. They had stopped heavy lorries from going up though, and they were all lined up back at Sursee. The Belgian route is no longer than going straight through France, though arguably the roads are maybe not quite as good. Terry

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thanks Terry    for the information.   i have looked at the viamichelin map and it keeps taking me through Switzerland. This is my worry.   I have a large van with furniture for my Italian home. I am trying to save money by driving down with the load. but it may, by the sounds of it , be easier and cheaper to use a haulage  company 

 Using the viamichelin mapping stuff.................put a 'stopover' in (say Turin), it will then divert you away from Switzerland. Try starting in Calais with a stopover in Turin then target does it all for you! S

I'm convinced by the Belgium Lux Gotthard route, but there may be some merit to avoiding Switzerland in a van. Switzerland is not a member of the EU, and you must try to discover (maybe the AA or RAC might help?) what documentation you need to transit Switz carrying 'goods'. I think you will be obliged to 'go through Swiss customs', (probably also Italian customs), and it would be prudent to allow for a few hours delay which you wouldn't face in a car. (If you were unfortunate enough to be caught up in a convoy of lorries arriving from a snowed in enforced stop it could be days!) My experiences of vans (even worse trailers) and Switzerland have been fairly fraught - but the most recent was at least twelve years ago so things may be simpler now.