The Skies the Limit...

02/12/2010 - 09:46


My understanding was that they have 10 seats at £20 to start off with , once they have been sold the price goes up 10% (or whatever). Hence if more people are booking, then the dearer it is.... And yes of course the earlier you book the cheaper it is... There was a time people used to scramble to get on their site when the next batch of flights were due out. Think that went when the credit crunch came.    :)

  £20, no did not pay that much....more like £5, have flight booked 24th Feb for £2.99 all inc no taxes and booked Nov '09 when we were told uk coming out of recession.  Kenneth, unlike you I am not a 2 home owner, my home with mortgage is in Italy and when travelling frequently I was working and still do for the nhs who are renouned for paying low wages.  I presume you drive a GPL car and rely upon the ferry.  

 Maybe it's because I am not enjoying the glorious Chianti in Umbria but instead am stuck inthe UK that I feel compelled to ask if you would be interested in buying some of my spare carbon emmisions? Or do we all agree that global warming is a myth? Kenneth

I for one think it's awful awful awful. We live our lives as we do and the world warms up and cools down, ABSOLUTELY nothing to do (in general) with how we live our lives in my view. Organisations are VERY quick to MAKE MONEY out of these 'exploitation' schemes, IF it was so obvious, why doesn't the government, give us all a £1million EACH and get us to grow our own, create our own (heating via solar panles etc), travel via our own(transport, electric powered vehicles etc), etc etc. Why don't THEY stop travelling around the world (on jollies) and make use out of video technology , why why why ??!!! Grrrrrrr, makes me want to swear !!! S

Compared to a decade ago £80 is still a cheap flight to Italy. Given the trouble that most airlines are in and the likelihood of fuel prices increasing I'm afraid the glorious period of incredibly cheap flights and various flights options is over.

  Suppose, what I was trying to say in original post was .....Cant find really cheap flights from Marche to Stansted anymore.  Yes, have always been able to work flexi-time uk so have had the luxury of picking and choosing before.... Now little choice as taxes etc on 99% of flights and most flights start at £25.99 so a one way trip £60 plus card fee.....sure a hike in prices and to be expected.... Not knocking Ryanair as have served me well, was more expensive getting to and fro Stansted via Gloucester, but now may well think of looking elsewhere.....Reason for post was just to make others aware...(not necessarily those who fly Ryanair under duress but still able to enjoy the luxury of a leisurely trip via car now and then) - and that some of us need to work to live and to have a home somewhere....

Dylano, might be worth looking at flights from E mids - they have reinstated the Venice Treviso and Rimini routes (Rimini summer only) and at the moment some of them are cheap as chips. You can get the train from Venice or pick up a car there and drive down to Marche - also great excuse to have a night in Venice.. I booked 5 return August flights for £220 on Friday. Huge bargain for school hols.   Am

  As frequent traveller from Marche region to Stansted. (normally 10 trips a yr), have noticed since xmas, there are very few 'cheap flights' going on Ryanair site to Ancona or Percara....The most I had paid was £80 return and that was at xmas (normally approx £20 as always choose the ones with no taxes and did not pay for using card as used to use Electron - was free).....Site also says things now like only 1 seat left !!!  Maybe a good idea to book early if planning a trip ????