Cider in Le Marche ?

03/29/2010 - 09:25

Hi all, Although I had a set back with a house purchase a couple of years ago, I havent given up on Le Marche, and have just come back from there where I have just bought a appartment. Love the area, near Fano/Marotta - have been there many times and enjoy all local wines/liquors etc. One thing I cannot find anywhere, and have even been to a local distibutorship, is Cider. Do love a ice-cold glass (or two) when its hot. Anyone know of anywhere I can buy? Thanks in advance. Alan



If you have one near you, Auchan sells a French type of cider. I find it is alright for cooking, but I find it's bit sweet and watery to drink. I go to one of the Irish pubs in Rome when the urge overcomes me. It passing quickly when I see the price though :/