Travelling down to Pescara

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04/09/2010 - 10:24

Hi, If anyone has advice re cheapest / easiest route to travel from North of London to Pescara we would appricaite it! We did travel last year in a motohome and did France Swizerland route, but the cost of tolls seemed to be a lot! Think I did see some posts with some alternative routes through Germany? We are taking a LDV.....with bits things to finally finish our house there! Any other advice would be welcome! Thanks



Dover - Dunkirk  [cheap ferry service - very good Lille - Belguim, - Luxemburg [fill up with petrol] - metz - Nancy - mulhouse - Basel - lucerne - St Gotthard Tunnel [or pass - pretty and adds about 30 minutes or so] and on into Italy No charges on roads until you get to Switzerland, where you need the annual vignette [buy on line] Then pay in Italy