geometra's fees

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04/13/2010 - 19:03

In my Geometra's breakdown of technical fees, in addition to his proposed 9% fee, he has included an additional 4% for 'contribution to guild of geometras'. Any comment or advice? - Do I have to pay this?



This is the professional's equivalent of a pension fund. An employee would have a contribution from his/her employer paid into the pension fund. A professional has the right to claim a contribution from his/her client in the same way. Of course, you are free to try to negotiate that the concorded prize was all-inclusive, the geometra would then have to do a back-calculation of his net fee so that the 4% re-enters in the total concorded fee. But if this is a proposal, he's just doing what any Italian geometra would do, and you are obliged to pay the 4% pension contribution. Standard practice. Better get used to it.

Our geometra agreed a fee for his charges and said he would take care of everything from start to finish, his fee was around 8,000 euros for everything and we paid  upfront, then he charged extra 2,500 for engineers drawing, 1,500 for 3d images, which were inacurate and very poor 2d images, then 900 euros for forestale, I am sure topped up various taxes and bolli, which we got his computer produced reciepts for and not the original stamped copies from commune, we had a big argument and ceased work after his charges and and related items reached 20,000 euros on top of the 100,000 euros paid out to the builder. The house currently remains as a shell waiting for us to get some more money together to continue( around 70,000 euros) and then we will try to get someone we feel we can trust not to rip us off.

  Dear all, a geometra's fee of 9% plus 4% is a very high fee for someone who is only a technician. In Italy geometra's category is the one  of professionals who can carry out almost the same architectural services as an architect or an engineers but with 7 years less of studies of beauty and laws. (the result is less sensibility regarding the matter house and proper conduct) A geometra must be very experienced to rely on him, therefore check if he has any recommendations from previous clients, and why not proceed with a tender process. Nevertheless few professionals are generally good at what they offer, but I wouldn't rise the percentage of risk. Please if you need help , just ask. As a professional italian architect living in Uk I can help you deal with such sort of thing. I have lived in your country for 4 years and I grew respect for English people and their love for Italy. I am actually living in Cambridge and I restore historical building , but I still work for English people who wants to buy or restore houses in Italy. As Italian I can get good prices from professionals and being myself a professional I can understand such things. A foreigner does not really know the art of negotiation which in Italy is the staple of economical relationship. Sorry to say that, but that is what it is. Regards. Ella