New Roof - sharing cost

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04/22/2010 - 07:13

I wonder if anyone can tell me exactly what the rules are regarding cost sharing for a new roof.   I have a top floor flat, there is one under me (same I imagine) and two small cantinas at ground level, one front and one back.   I understand that the cost has to be apportioned between all the owners, but is it a simple division based on area, or, as someone has suggested to me, the flat nearest the roof pays a higher percentage than the ones underneath, on a sliding scale down to the ground. Thankfully, the owner of the apartment under me has agreed to pay their share, so I just need to know how much I might be looking to spend. Any help would be appreciated.



it is usually on a sliding scale and on square metreage.  The ground floor pay more for sewers than you would, and you take more of a hit when it comes to the roof.  If you have a terrace that may be entirely your problem - diritti di suoli - but the roof is shared.... 

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Would you happen to know what the scale is?  ie 60/40, 70/30.   I am meeting with a geomatro next month but would really like to know before then roughly how much money I will need to find.  Any help would be much appreciated.

Do you own the sotto tetto or is that comunal?  As there appear to be only 2 flats you wont have a condominium so the costs are divided between all the owners.  If all the roof covers all your property the division is different, if there are communal parts, such as a stairwell,  the division is calculated differently.  The actual ratio - if you take 2 flat plus 2 bassi - I would think would be about 50:35:15 something like that - but I dont know for sure - Ill see if I can find out.