buying help Abruzzo

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07/06/2010 - 03:06

Hi everyone, I'm SO excited!!! we have just accepted an offer on our house which means we will fulfill our dream of moving to Abruzzo within the next couple of months!!, now here is the question, can anyone please suggest a reputable reliable english speaking solicitor (my Italian is only scratchy at the moment!), and a good estate agent (we dont have a fortune to spend), I have been on the internet for months and to be honest my head is spinning and I'm no further, we will also need info on where to buy furniture, curtains etc, infact everything to furnish our new house at a reasonable price.....any help you can give us would be very much appreciated...thank you ...Chris



Congratulations on your recent offer, it all sounds terribly exciting and I wish you lots of luck. I have a possible contact for you for an estate agent but will need to make some enquiries,have lost the web address. She is a lovely lady half English/Italian and used to teach Italian at my local college. Will post you if I can find details.

Hi Christine, We also were looking for a house at the same time.We found a very good agent and have since purchased a lovely old farmhouse in the countryside near Atessa.Everything went very well and we are now submitting plans with our geometra for restoration.Just wondered if everything went well for you.