Building regulations, Cortona, Arrezo province

07/14/2010 - 09:47

Hi does anyone know whether there are any building regulations regarding staircases-height of risers, depth of goings & distances from opening doors? We need to put in an internal staircase & the space where it needs to go is very tight so any informatione would be gratefully received thanks



The regulations are not as 'tight' here in Italy as they are in England (exc London and regions) about staircases - however it would be good to run this stuff past your geometra before committing yourself (in case it impinges on your progetto strutturale).

You should talk to a geometra However - Did a quick google on this – found a UK company -     -  that states -   “The Arkè brochure is produced in Italy and shows configurations which are outside UK regulations;”   In other words – what is allowed in Italy The Arke  brochure is  on -   and shows lots of  different stairs, and may help you I also found their staircase planner on     Hope this helps