Ways of selling things of lowish value

06/26/2010 - 06:09

We moved to a furnished house here some weeks ago. There are already all sorts of things like two surplus TVs to dispose of. When the ship comes in and the container arrives there will be much more. I have a fair idea of where to get rid of stuff that is of no value, but what do you think is the best way to handle things like TVs, furniture in reasonably good condition, surplus electrical equipment and much, much more. Things whose value ranges from the "free to anyone who will collect it" up to a hundred EUR or so... Back in Sydney, there were eBay and Craig's list - do they work here? Of course, there is word-of-mouth, but our Italian is still very limited, and we only know a few people. What has your experience been? Adverts in local shops? Online? Grateful for tips!


HI Lingpupa   Have you tried the Grapevine magazine - it seems to circulate in the Lucca area and is aimed at ex.pats. Might not be your cup of tea but they do have classfiied ads in the back. I am pretty sure they are on line. Also there is the secondhand shop Mercato Usato on the outskirts of Lucca. Tinker knows about it! Again, not sure how it works but worth a try.  We wouldn't mind a list of what you need to dispose of as we are about to furnish our house near Bagni.   Good luck and enjoy the sun.   Fabbriche

Well Lingpupa, if the promised arrival of a 'Items For Sale' section ever materialises from those slackers at Admin. then you will be able to advertise them on this site. The section has been promised for months now but obviously the beaches in Sicily have more attraction than setting up a new Section/Group. As they say'Domani Domani'......never comes. crying

Thanks for the tips, especially the one about subito - I didn't know anything about it. A couple of quick samples suggest that it has a little more on offer at the moment than ebay. Fabbriche, until the container arrives and we arrange things, it's hard to say exactly what is surplus, though there is a likelihood that beds, washing machines, fridges, sofas and chairs will be involved, as well as smaller things. At the moment I only know of the two surplus TVs that we already have here. The ship is expected in Livorno on Wednesday, then there is customs clearance followed by road transfer before we face the mound of "stuff" and make decisions, so I imagine it will be 3 or 4 weeks yet before we really will want to shift stuff. Thanks again Alex

Is it active? Hi Heiko, Thanks again. I had already registered. I still don't see any activity from the last year or more, and I don't see anything explicitly called "networking". Am I looking in the wrong place?