US Buyers Need Home Insurance in Tuscany

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07/23/2010 - 12:28

I am trying to buy home insurance for a property I just purchased in Tuscany. The only insurance companies I can find that will insure properties in Italy are UK based. Its come to my attention that these UK based companies will only insure UK Citizens. :doh: Could some of you folks give us some leads on company's that will insure US Citizens? Thanks in advance.



I am sure that local companies such as AllianzRas will provide cover for houses owned by US citizens. Suggest you ask the Agent you bought through for an introduction to one. Plenty of US citizens own properties in Italy so there is a solution to this. Would have thought that US insurance cos provide overseas insurance too

Hi, we just renewed our buildings and contents insurance with Unipol - The site come up with an English version option.  We didn't compare them to anyone else as we only renewed the day before we left Italy however I was told by a friend to have a look at Hope this helps.