Doggy question

08/13/2010 - 11:22

We have an Italian dog who is fully vaccinated, microchipped and got his pet passport. Normally, when we go to the Uk we leave him in kennels, but this autumn we intend to go to the UK for some time and are taking him with us. Can anyone help me understand what I have to do to take him across the channel? I have read on the DEFRA site that animals have to be wormed and de ticked before travelling. I regularly put Frontline combo on my dog, so does he need another treatment before travelling? Same for worm tablet? Do I provide the tablets, frontline, or does the vet have to? How long do you have between the treatment and entering the UK? Do you do it with your vet here in Italy, or do you go to a vet at Calais? And finally, do you have to do the same thing all over again to come back??? Sorry to have so many questions, but there must be someone out there who has done this and can enlighten me!  



We are in Le marche at the moment with our two UK dogs, and I can't believe that the process is any different.  You need to go to a vet, and have tick treatment and some worming tablets given while you are in the vets, and your vet needs to date and TIME, and sign the passport.  The Time is extremely important.  You will need to arrive at Calais no earlier than 24 hours after the time stamp but before 48 hours.  THe passport will be checked by the vets at customs - including validating the microchip - only takes about 5 mins to do, and then you will be given permission to travel.  When we come from the UK the UK customs control do not seem bothered with dogs and there is no check.   Regards

Check out the DEFRA website , but the important thing is the rabies injection followed up by the rabies blood test, our dog Pablo was a stray from Spain, he needed to spend 7 months in kennels after the rabies shot before he could travel to Blighty. Pablo is now a regular if not entirely at ease continental traveller!!

Woops! If they have a pet passport then it's just the timing of the  Drontal and Frontline  application to worry about,our Vet in Rimini charges 20 Euros, very reasonable.We then drive up to Rotterdam within 36 hours to catch the ferry.

Thanks for that Bunterboy. Yes our vet in Passo San Ginesio seems to charge 25 Euros for almost everything, so I am sure it will be the same! We will do that with our dog, and then drive to Calais for the ferry. However, as you have obviously done this, what do you have to do when you come back from the UK? Did you have to go through the whole process again with a UK vet, or does it carry over? We are thinking of staying in the UK for at least a month??