English Speaking Notary in Ascoli Piceno area

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09/06/2010 - 06:35

Hi everyone My father has recently passed away and there is some questions over whether his Italian will is valid (He left a share in a property in Le Marche and also an Italian bank account).  My husband and I are coming out to Montefiore dell Aso (where he lived) in October and would like to try and consult a Notary on what we have to do regarding his Italian estate however we speak no Italian.  We can probably rustle someone up to translate if we have to but it would be better if we could find someone who speaks some English. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.  I have been posting with Charlotte and she has already given us a great deal of help. Regards Jackiep



Possibly, depending on where you are based in the UK, it would be worth finding an English speaking Italian Notary via an Italian consulate or embassy who could give you guidelines on the documentation required before you leave for Italy. Otherwise it could end up being a wasted trip.

Sorry to hear of your loss I have used farina and he speaks OK English and is pretty efficient once you are with him but can be difficult to reach.  If you need a lawyer rather than a Notary you can use Giovanna Salvucci on +39 3498116636 who is with marche Legal. If you want a translator let me know F