We will soon be proud landowners

09/04/2010 - 18:34

Hi Everyone We will be settling on our property in November after many years of dreaming of a house in Italy. We have a huge restoration task ahead of us - look at www.ozinitaly.com and will be moving over lock, stock , dog and may be cats next June. We enjoy reading all your posts, particularly at present about geothermal heating as we try to work out the best form of heating a 450sq mtr house over 3 floors! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



Hi Joy Yes we will be back for good in June 2011 and intend to very hands on.  Our geometra is also a qualified architect and we have visited one of his buildings with a renovated stable similar to ours, so it was good to see the quality and finish of his work. My husband David is looking forward to being the labourer on site, and hopefully we will have a garage with flat above built, and hopefully complete before we arrive.  Other wise we will rent something nearby until that is finished.

Just be sure that your pockets are 3 times as deep as you think they may need to be on a project of this sort. I assume you have the services of an architect to make sure everything is done both legally and safely. Emilia-Romagna does have earthquakes, so be safe.

Thanks everyone for your supportive comments. Fortunately our geometra is also a qualified architect and we have been to see a similar project on which he is currently working.  We have spoken with the comune who were very positive (I think they are happy to see our money) and we will be living on site.  I visited a site which advised we were low category earth quake area but will certainly be ensuring we meet all the requirements. We will keep you posted.

Hello! I followed your link and found out that you come from beautiful Australia!!  I visited Australia recently and I love this place! How is it for an Australian to live in Italy? I can say that for an Italian, Australia is a really nice country!

I just thought that this map of Italy, courtesy of the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, showing the seismic activity here might be of help to you. You will see that 'your' area is not immune from the odd rattle.     Sorry about the size it appears. I uploaded a much bigger one, but this website has shrunk it down to this. You still get the idea though, even if you can't read the numbers, yes?

Gosh Winnifred that looks lovely. Are you renovatring this in part so that the property can be rented out? And are you making different decisions therefore compared to if you were just going to be living there as your home?? And do you have a fixed price for the renovation on  turn-key basis or do you expect simply to get a builder and do up the property on a time and materials basis? Be very interested on yur thiughts on this since I'm contemplating buying somewhere - probably in Le Marche - and still uncertain about these issues. thanks  Robin

Hi Robin This will be our home but the building lends it self to allow us to rent out four rooms and bathrooms as a 'home stay' with our own quarters above the stables. Therefore we are making decisions as the whole house will be our own home.  The layout is such that we will be able to close portions off when there are just ourselves in the place, therefore saving on heating and electricity in general. We have indicative plans (not costed at this stage) from our geometra who is also an architect. We return in November and will be spending several days with him sorting out formalised and costed plans. We understand from him that we are looking at anywhere between 750 - 1200 euros per square metre depending on the quality of the finish required. Last May he took us to visit a similar project he is working on for an English family, which is at the 1200 euro end of the spectrum and not entirely our cup of tea (home theatre, kitchen with a two storey void, travertine floors etc). We have decided that there will  be elements which we don't wish to scrimp on such as energy efficient heating.  Having watched probably too many episodes of Grand Design we  will be moving to live permanently in Italy and while the geometra/architect will be project managing we intend to be on site assisting with labour.   My husband doesn't speak Italian, but fortunately I do and have lived in Italy and with Italians.  Never the less we know that there will be moments when we may be ripped off, but it happens here in Australia as well.  Builders are builders and there is good and bad everywhere. Basically you need to do your homework, ask the questions etc.  I also think it helps to have  a pretty clear idea of what we want and don't want. I have been looking at houses for sale on line for the last 10 years and visited Italy looking at real estate  before we bought so do suggest that you don't rush into it and do what is right for you. We will be living in Polinago from the middle of 2011 and I hope to start blogging on www.ozinitaly.com in the near future to keep you up to date on what we are doing. Good luck with whatever you do. Winnifred