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09/17/2010 - 08:17

Hello all. I am new to this community although I have been living and working in Italy for 5 years. I love it! I hope to learn from your experiences here and ill be more than happy to share my stories. A presto!


Ciao e benvenuto nella Community! If you have been living in Italy for 5 years you should speak some Italian at least!  I'm very happy to hear about people who live in Italy. How do you find it? The culture, the town, the Italians..? ps: you are allowed to put links, unless they promote commercial activities. @NonnaLou, I'm sorry to delete your link, but this is not allowed. Thanks for your comprehension!

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Yes, I get by on the Italian front but the dictionary is never far from hand! Italy suits me...the lifestyle, the food, the climate. I've been very lucky with the people I have met and who have become good friends. I love the fact that fun can come from the simplest things...it doesn't have to cost a fortune and I appreciate more and more the natural things like landscape, seascape and just the shade of a palm tree on a sunny day. Being able to does off to the sound of crickets and enjoying the 'stillness' of mid-afternoon. Hope that makes sense!

How lucky you are to live in Lecce! We enjoyed a wonderful, though all too brief, stay there two years ago at the Patria Palace hotel, which is right in the centre and has a lovely roof garden overlooking the Duomo. We are now in the process of buying a house in Basilicata, but Puglia is near enough for visits.