Scrapping a British-registered car in Italy

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09/24/2010 - 08:17

Does anyone know if there are any issues around scrapping a British-registered car in Italy? Thanks



We scrapped a UK reg car in Italy about 4 or 5 years ago, so assuming it is still the same process, it should be pretty straightforward. It was such a simple process we kept feeling we must have missed something, but no, it all worked out and was quite painless. The scrap dealer will do all the official paperwork for you and provide you with copies to send back to DVLA. If I remember rightly we had to show him the DVLA paperwork to prove ownership, he then did the necessary form filling, proof of identity etc and that was it. There was a fee, but not much. Maybe be worth checking with DVLA as to what docs they require before you do the deed, just  in case things have changed.

If you have declared your vehicle exported then DVLA has removed it from the database and you don't need to tell anyone. If it is still on the database then you should complete the export section of your registration documents and send it to DVLA otherwise you will eventually get a SORN fine (to your UK reg. address for what it's worth). There is a section to complete if you have personally, disposed of the vehicle which does not specify UK only.

This is slightly off thread, because it's about taking an Italian reg car off the database. Some people may have 'repatriated' their Italian reg car to the UK, without having told the Motorizzazione that they have permanently exported the car. Now this is a very bad idea. Unless you declare the Italian reg car either demolished, or permanently exported, you remain liable (in perpetuity!) to pay the bolla. 'Demolishing', or exporting the car involves returning the number plates, and may cost you the same money as a passaggio di proprietà. (Something around €500 on average).  Maybe the Italian authorities won't ever catch up with you, maybe you want to take that chance. It s up to you.

Thank you all for your feedback. My main concern was that a UK-registered car would not be accepted for scrapping in Italy, but that does not appear to be the case. FYI, we phoned the DVLA yesterday, and all they require is written notification from us that the car, which is still taxed, was scrapped.