Exchange and Mart

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11/13/2010 - 07:35

Still looking for a caravan for my friend for his renovation - first one was falling apart and second one was taken off the market. Been told there is an Italian version of Exchange and Mart - does anyone know its name? Any help is appreciated



Or maybe Cerco Trovo. These are (newspaper style) advertising sheets - probably regional, you pick them up in bars etc. at about €1. I'm not so sure that 'caravans' are a normal Italian thing - campers are more common - it's probably all down to the details of the codice della strada (anything which is trailed, like a caravan, has to have its own libretto etc etc) and it can get quite tricky. Depends whether you have a UK reg car to tow it with - then it gets easier - but still not simple.

From my research so far: (ymmv) wink Used caravans in the UK are about half the price that you will find them in Italy. If you want to tow a caravan with an Italian car. It must be Italian registered & homologated with it's own number plate (targa). If you buy a van without papers, senza targa, it will be much cheaper but you might have trouble legally towing it. Unless (presumably) you use a UK car and attach a UK plate.  If you do buy an unregistered van you might have trouble getting it recognised for electricity/phone connection etc. This might not be a problem for you once you have a "registered progetto" as ENEL should connect to that. Telecoms probably won't until you have a roof! There are a few companies who advertise caravan transportation on Italian Ebay. The bi-annual revision for caravans is now unnecessary. Here are a few sites for used caravans: In bocca al lupo!