Builder/Plumber required to replace bathroom and tiling near Aulla

02/12/2013 - 17:16

HiCan anyone recommend an english speaking, trustworthy builder/plumber in the Lunigiana, MS area, specifically near Aulla? We are interested in having our very small bathroom completely replaced with a walk in shower, wc and basin plus tiling. It is only about 4 m2 and a local builder is suggesting 4000 sterling labour plus materials which is ridiculous.Interested in your experiences relating to materials and labour in the area.Thank you.



Also check what work needs to be done, if you are replacing and having a new floor which is sloped with plumbing etc, it could easily be that much. Also if you are having it all tiled, they are expensive so maybe look into another option on the walls.

Hello, Try a Co called, Geralli, not sure of the spelling. Take the road from Conad (terrarossa) to Monti. Pass the resteraunt on the right called Venlia then large showroom on the right. Had no work done by them but bought white goods etc. Do know people who have used them and say no problems. Lady speaks good English, could be worth a try.