new obligation...starting now.

01/25/2013 - 10:00

Since publication in the official gazzette n° 14 on the 17/01/2013 it has become obbligatory for all those who host/house paying guests to comunicate their guests' details directly to their local questura by computer.In order to do so it is necessary to ask the police officially for a user id and password (as normal e-mails or use of p.e.c. e-mails are not accepted)this applies to all hotels,b&b's,country houses,agriturismi,holiday home rentals,refuges,hostels etc etc.There is a long,boring ,complex manual informing on how to do all this but at least you won't be obliged to trail off to the comune with bits of paper any more.



This assumes that you have already notified the authorities that you are carrying out the relevant activity. I believe many don't but it seems that checks are now becoming more common, with fines imposed. In our region, Tuscany, you need "Segnalazione Certificata di Inizio Attività" (L.R. 42/2000).

Hi there I just wondered if anyone could give some more information about this please? Where can I find this manual - I'm guessing it will be in Italian - and is anyone able to paraphrase it in terms of what Marche property owners' responsibilities are now? Thanks

No the "rules" haven't changed they're just getting a little bit more complicated.The law,for example regarding the obligation to comunicate the details of guests, dates back to the Fascist period in the twenties.The best course of action,especially as you will be going to the comune about your civic number would be to get them  to inform you of what they require for your having a house rental or b&b etc as some of these things are dealt with at a comunal level .If you are setting up a business then it's a bit more complex and you'd be best advised to get an accountant to see you thru the fiscal law jungle...