Activities/places to visit with a young child

04/09/2013 - 12:53

Our 2 year old grand-daughter is coming to stay for 2 weeks at the end of May. We will be in Mogliano (MC). I should be grateful if anyone can suggest suitable things to do and places to go in that area that will be suitable for her. She loves animals and swimming. Thank you.



If she likes animals you could try Parco Zoo Falconara - it is a few years since we visited and, although not huge fans of zoos by anymeans, the children certainly enjoyed themselves. It is quite compact with lots of space for picnics and a good play area. There was quite a range of animals large and small. Further afield, there is the aquarium at Cattolica - it is worth a visit, although may be too much of a trek for you with a little on in tow. For swimming, try Parco Verde Azzuro at San Faustino near Cingoli - it opens on the 1st June and the opening day is usually free! There are various pools with one specifially for little ones. Again you can take in a picnic and there is plenty of shade. For an indoor pool there is the one at Tacoli, near San Severino. There is a small pool ideal for little ones - open swimming times are listed under 'Nuoto Libero'. There are two pools in Macerata but these have been closed for a number of years although there was talk of them re-opening but I don't know if this did happen. The main one is on the left on the road that leads from the centre past the school to the station (sorry can't remember the name) and the other one is on the road that leads to Villa Potanza. The beaches will also be opening up, many are sandy and remain shallow for a reasonable distance so are fine for two year olds. Have fun!

Many thanks for your suggestions.  I have looked them up on the web and they certainly look like the kind of places we would be keen to visit.  However, they are all a long way from Mogliano and I think the journey would be too long for a two year old which is a great shame.  Thank you anyway.