And there was me thinking it couldn't get any worse...

05/16/2013 - 04:53 the powers that be made this the clunkiest forum (or whatever you want to call it) in the world and we have all managed to get over it and struggle on. Now, they 'update' it again and make it even worse!! How is that possible. It isn't rocket science to make a forum. In fact it's quite straightforward.My list of complaints from first use -

  • last update date wrong
  • no 'last updated by'
  • can't seem to get it to go straight to the forum
  • WYSIWYG is very much not what you get

Formatting is pants. Frankly why do we bother?


I can't believe that this got past internal testing, let alone a Beta. It is, without doubt, the worst forum that I have ever seen.

Why make it even more difficult for people to use this forum? Most people see it as a very useful way of exchanging information and knowledge. With this format, it is almost impossible to see if anyone has said anything about a subject before.Why make this change when people were only just getting to grips with the change from the old italymag format?

It will be interesting to see who this post is credited to, since at the tope of the page it says "ciao, casa del campanile" - but I'm Fillide! I congratulated myself tghis morning for having ignored the big red register now button, and ferreted out the log in link - but I wonder who I will be tomorrow.....

I am under the impression that they must be working on it, as I see that my group list is not correct and I cannot find the Northern Tuscany group... Perhaps posting may be easier... I do not know. I can only hope.In any case, format is not my main worry. Contents is what makes the difference in a Community, forum or whatever you want to call it.I had no problems accessing it. Just logged in and that was it. No mistaken identity in my case. We'll see...Could we get some nice smilies? What about a "thank you" button?

It's not often I comment on this forum but pleeeeease ditch the red!!!! it nearly blinds you as the page opens up. Don't fix what aint broke!Just noticed my piccie has disappeared too :(

Had me worried there for a minute - thought I was gonna have to invent a new persona. What?!  No smilies?  How will I survive?  :-)

No internet forum is ever going to rank very high on my list of Most Important Things In My Life - and I probably don't feel the need to use any "features" like Groups and stuff, but for the life of me I can't see what the fuss is about.I do agree with the concept of "if it aint broke, don't fix it", but they have "fixed" it so let's just get on with it.It's not exactly life-threatening is it?

You now have to search through the pages to see if there are any updates on posts made. I.e a post originally created in early May, is possibly on the second page, but a reply from yesterday is added there and not to the top of the listings!!!!

Went online to the Bluespark website [they do this website now]It says"ITALY Magazine has a fresh new look and becomes a product of Bluespark Labs, LLC, a US-based interactive web development agency specializing in powerful, imaginatively designed sites for the media, travel, culture and educational industries."So thats all OK then!!!!!!!!!!