Utilities ....   Can anyone help

04/27/2014 - 10:29

Utilities ....   Can anyone help ? Is there a comparison website for electric , gas, telephone, etc..  Or how do you get the best deal on your utility bills?  Is it easy to change as well?  Thanks. Ali 



Hi, so far as I am aware, utilities here are still almost entirely national monopolies, so it's ENEL for power, your local Aqcuedotto for water, Telcom for fixed line phone.  Of course, there is competition for mobile phone services.  It may be different in cities, but not down here in the rural south... :)Good Luck.

hello! I have to agree with the above poster. Most everyone uses the national monopolies and the other options are often scams or not as efficient. For example, recently someone came to my door and asked to see my last ENEL bill. She claimed to work for them and I knew better than to hand it over as I had heard that another company will switch your bill with just your customer number etc. I think the best thing you can do is monitor your usage by reading and taking photos of your gas gage etc. as often they bill you on an appoximate amount. 

There are several suppliers and it is almost impossible to tell from their listing prices which is the best.Eni and Enel are some of the ones I have dealt with and it is working but like much else things are slowly and inefficient.You can have a look at this site where there are some listing og electricity suppliers. http://www.sostariffe.it/energia-elettrica/ Gas you will have different suppliers to choose from. Usually there are several local companies that offer this service. Water I think you can only chose one local company.Internet: Depends on where you are. Where in Abruzzo do you own a house? Regards Kasperwww.casa-italia.dk

Witel covers your zone.They have wireless internet for something like 10€ a month. Installation cost around 150€Their web site is not so fantastic but you can visit it here. I think there is a coverage map somewhere.www.witel.it remember www otherwise it gets you somewhere else.regards Kasper

Get as close to the base provider as you can. For example, since Telecom owns the lines, obviously their own customers will get the fastest attention (line breaks, modem burnout etc) and the best prices. For electricity, if ENEL is still a provider where you live, go with them. For natural gas, ENI is now best, especially if they have a physical office near you. Stay away from resellers such as Hera. Water from your municipality.