I hope someone can help with this

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03/21/2014 - 07:45

I hope someone can help with this question. We own a house in Tuscany, part of it is almost a ruin apart from the outside walls and the rest is better but stillneeds to be completely rebuilt to be habitable (one ceiling has completely fallen in). There are no services on the site.We live in the UK and some months ago we heard from a local that someone was squatting in the property and that they had two children. The property is completely unsafe for anyone to live in, especially children.It appears that the local commune and police know about this and have even offered the person accomodation, which she has refused. We asked a local geometra to see if he could find out what she is up to and essentially ask her to leave but she seems determind to stay. We have been in contact with a lawyer but they have said it could take ages to remove her through the courts.I was wondering if anyone had come across this kind of situation before and can offer any advice.Thank you.



Hi this must be worrying for you if you are not living in Italy. I am afraid it is true that it will take a long time to enforce an eviction (sfratto), but you should get your lawyer to start the ball rolling. You need to record the fact that as you are aware of the situation you are taking steps to rectify it, also to remove or limit any civil liability as the owner, if there are any accidents in the property (responsabilita civile). 

Get moving with the legalities. If they stay there long enough, they get usacapione - the legal right to stay there forever. You also need to go there and, not using any illegal means, make life uncomfortable. For example, take the roof away as part of a long term restoration. Complain to ASL that the toilet facilities are in adequate (if that's the case) etc. There are many things you can and should do - ask the police for advice.

Yes I would go there as soon as possible -it may even be worth offering the woman some money to get her out -cheaper that having to get builders in to take off the roof.If she has been offered somewhere to go then that is helpful to know -can you offer to take her there?Whatever happens going down the legal route is a last resort.