Immergas combi boiler. Does anyone

05/10/2014 - 03:24

Immergas combi boiler. Does anyone know if any good Been quoted 1450 plus tax for an Eolo superior 32kw. Anyone know if this is a good price? Our main house is 200 sq metre (open plan lounge kitchen 2 bathrooms 3 bedroom one with small ensuite and hall) with an additional basement of 100 sq metres which we r not heating at the moment as still to be renovated. This will probably be made into a self contained apartment. The total cost of radiators and boiler for the main house is 4000 euros. Any views ? Thanks



I suspect a 1450 euro boiler isn't going to have the zap to heat a place that size. I recently bought a new boiler under a super-cheap special offer from ENI - the price was 2000 euros, installation included, payable monthly over 2-3 years. In my case, installation meant an additional half a day of work finding a way to run a modern outlet pipe up the old chimney plus another half a day boring a hole through the wall to the exterior for the air intake. This was all required to get certification. They did a fantastic job - replaced wall tiles, replastered, painted etc afterwards. When the inspector came to measure CO, gas leakage etc it passed with flying colours. I got some outside quotes for comparison and they were in the 3,500 to 4000 euros range for a similar boiler installation but I'm sure they would have charged extra when they found that the chimney and intake weren't up to scratch. I can't remember what my radiators cost - I got that done years ago by a plumber who specialised in that kind of thing.