I have just bought a very cheap house

07/23/2014 - 14:11

I have just bought a very cheap house in Puglia. This was naive, so: as a non resident [hoping to stay for months at a time] is it better to bring a car from the UK, or buy one locally? what taxes should I know about? please.



Enter "I have an Italian 19 yr old car on Italian plates" (including quotes) into Google and I' sure you will get all the answers you need. You might need the alternatives, as one answer is that you can't buy a car in Italy if not resident... Sorry about that, but you would have been told about it quite soon by others I'm sure. Best of luck in your new venture, despite this answer, it's a magical place to be!

Ruth, did you cut and paste into Google the bits in bold, including the quotes ("). It comes up for me with 2 entries (the first is new and is my post above!), you want the second.Many people drive down from the UK to where we live here in Abruzzo (other areas too), but none I know of have not stopped! There is loads on the subject on many an Italian forum, including excellent information on here.

It's a no brainer. Italian cars cost a fortune and the insurance cost is even worse.  A non resident can buy an Italian car but there will be a lot of messing about with the bureaucrats before they actually  follow the rules. They are best avoided if you wish to remain sane.Look to the trip down as a tour, stop over, take ferries etc.

Thank you -  where do I insure a British car if I plan to leave it down there? Are there insurance companies which are sympathetic to cars poddling about in Puglia? I dont intend to drive distances when I am there. I'm worried that if I ask Italian Authorities what I should be doing, I am putting my head over the parapet - never a good idea.

 Short answer is that likely you can't legally!  Depending what you intend to do, I would go to a small independent UK insurance broker, tell them what you are after and ask if it can be legally done. You also need to think of the consequences of leaving a car over here for any long period of time, even under cover, if it’s over winter and 2-3 months, then it’s likely to need a jump start/battery charge. That’s apart from other precautions you need to take – check the web on “leaving a car unused for a long duration”. Obviously you also need to get back and forward to the airport if flying.

It is really helpful to have your ideas, thankyou. In the UK I have an amazing car-man and hope there will be one over there. I also have vague thoughts about making friends with people who couls drive the car and bring it to the airport for me...but have no idea how that might pan out. At least I have some next step ideas.

Cannot help you much with the insurance issue, however we have a garage for our car where we leave it for six months over winter. We disconnect the battery and have not had a problem starting it in the spring. We get a ride from a friend in the village to the train depot, 20 minutes away, and take a train to the Pisa airport. On return, since we usually have some luggage, we rent a car from the airport to get us home, leave our car at the train depot and drive the rental back to Pisa airport taking the train back to our train depot. If you are not burdened with luggage, you can avoid a rental and take a train to the nearest train depot to your home. Good luck.

Can't guarantee that the offer will still be standing, but five years ago the broker Stuart Collins (www.stuartcollins.com) provided us with year-round European insurance for UK-registered cars at reasonable rates. Very pleased with the prices and services they offered. As for the drive, it'll be quite the adventure. Just give yourself plenty of time and schedule plenty of stops. One small bonus... Italian Motorway Services are probably the best in the world.