HiMy name is Niko and I am new to the

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07/31/2014 - 08:24

HiMy name is Niko and I am new to the community, I am looking for a house in Italy, preferably in either Marche or Veneto, I know 2 very different areas, but we have our reasons! I am interested in a couple of poperties in both regions but am no expert, they are properties that need varoius amounts of work....does anyone know of a builder or expert who can have a look and help me see what I can't see!!?? I am more than happy to pay for this service of course.....Many thanksNiko



Hi Nikowelcome, I know a guy, here is a link, he does exactly what you are looking for, and operates all over Italywww.sites.google.com/site/buildersinspectionsLet me know how you get onKica