What would you think of this property,

08/17/2014 - 12:59

What would you think of this property, those of you already living in italy?



I would think "why is that such a low price" .... Not been to the area, but seen lots of pictures of it and it looks lovely, with great views and well located. However, ask yourself about the price, who are the people selling it (I know or used to know most, never heard of them) and most of all does it tick all your boxes...?

Yes, "why is it so cheap" is what I've heard from other ex pats as a question to ask regarding any property. My problem is that's about the most I'll be able to afford, so that is the range I look in. Is anyone familiar with this town? I'm in the research stage. Input from people on the ground is so valuable! Steve, when you say you know most of the people selling, are you referring to the company that listed this? Thank you. :)

Part of the answer on price is the location - small town in the hills between the mountains and the sea and not near a popular tourist area. Also, perhaps pricing hasn't been influenced by expats buying up in the area?There can be a wide range in pricing depending on where you are in Italy. For example here in the south you can buy a similiar property for the same price as this in our small town but if you go to a popular area (tourist town or sea location) the prices can double or triple for a similar property.Until you can see the area and what it offers it is hard to know.

Bruno is very right for the most part, but I do know a little about the place... There are a number of expats there, some would say lots... I've been to and around the area and seen lots of pictures of the place, it's beautiful, but so are so many places here in Abruzzo and the rest of Italy. Yes I never heard of the Company listing the house, but then again we are no longer looking... There is an English agent who lives in that very town, I will be amazed if they don't hav eit for sale also - another mine field to look out for... Not my favourite person, but hey he has to make a living and I would trust him more than some Company I dont know (just). http://www.vigneverde.com/

Ha ha! Well, Steve, it sounds like there is a story behind that evaluation. :) Thank you for the link. He had some very affordable properties listed. Somehow I've ended up in Lanciano in Google Street view, so I've been looking around. It's quite a major town. Love Google Street view!!!

Yep Google street view is superb, especially for someone living that far from Italy. But also have a quick look at the satellite view if you find somewhere you like. Twice looking for houses (once in Italy and the other in the UK) we spotted a quarry very close by…

It would be wise to have a look at the area, and the local prices, and have the property inspected independently, ...try this guy, he's very good and speaks english (being anglo/italian)...www.sites.google.com/site/buildersinspections 

I don’t think you can't go beyond a good recommendation, except having 2-3 more…. Unfortunately this forum tells you little about the person posting and I only see it as the one and only post they have made… But it is quite possible looking at their site  that they are a small local agent and worth a look… Hopefully the OP has done their homework as I guess the “sole agent” thing is still a problem…?

Hi Steve this is my first post on the new site i have posted before on the old site and yes i do not see many of the old members here anymore.You are correct "Better Property" is local to Pollutri in Chieti Province and owned and run by local lad Antonio.We also used various agents whilst visting Abruzzo over a two year period before finding Antonio who had just started his buisness.(we had met Antonio before whilst employed by another agent)

Atessa sounded very familiar, but did not know if it was because I knew the name of the place. However I now suspect it is from the old (good) Italymag forum…We actually met a couple of very nice agents (most were friendly), one of which was a very small local concern and perhaps because of this they were more open and honest.  So if the OP is really interested in the house, then it’s perhaps worth investigating….

Yes Atessa by name and our house in the same commune and another yes the GOOD old Italymag forum.Antonio  being a trained professional Geometra gives good honest advice.Reputation is everything  and more so locally. It was one of the reasons he left the other agency and started his own.Worth looking if planning a viewing trip.

Hi PPB,On the "Better Property"website in the top right corner you can "fill our form" it gives you a list of what you require to choose your home,its useful and gives you more of what can be offered.Wendy runs the office and speaks English.You will find that houses are cheaper further inland in the mountains,but remember in these hilltop villages it is very picturesque but they can be remote with harsh winters.A rough guide is if you see olive trees you should be in the milder weather areas.We went for the lower lands about one hour from the coast Vasto a beautiful old city and not far from our  hilltop town Atessa. Ciao for now.

PP, note this is not a forum, it's a community ... wink If you intend to look at a particular province here in Italy (hopefully I'm allowed to say this here), then you should also join a local forum of the province. Think you do also need an Italy wide view, but for local information...

Yes... I doubt it would be taking too kindly for me to put links here ! However these may be of use to you for general information, both are similar... http://www.comuni-italiani.it/067/014/index.html and http://www.portaleabruzzo.com/nav/tabprovince.asp?id=88 The olives growing are a good guideline, but the second of these will give you the actual altitude of the place. Even this is general as the climate can differ so much depending on the terrain, lots of micro climates here...

Hi there!I am originally from Silvi, Abruzzo but I lived the last year in London where I knew that our region is appreciated by British people. My father, an architect, and my brother, an engineer, often manage properties of people who want to sell or rent their properties in Abruzzo. If you are interested they could help you in finding a good property with a right price and give you technical and legal advices. If you have any question, please send me an email: leuco1@hotmail.it